Floradapt Gum Health


Floradapt™ Gum Health is a probiotic formula developed to improve oral microflora. Its formulation contains three clinical strains. Three randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, clinical trial and a series of in vitro studies show the ability of Floradapt™ Gum Health strains L. plantarum KABP™-051, L. brevis KABP™-052 and P. acidilactici KABP™-053 to benefit oral health.

Brushing removes only a fraction of oral bacteria. Rinsing mouthwashes further reduce, but do not eliminate oral bacteria. Rinsing and brushing reduce both good and bad bacteria. The remaining bacteria grow again, forming harmful biofilms.

Oral microbiota is composed of hundreds of bacterial species. Floradapt™ Gum Health contains Clinical Strains™ that balance oral microflora. The stains used in the Floradapt™ Gum Health formula were isolated via a screening process specifically designed to identify strains that have a beneficial effect on oral health while also showing the ability to withstand in oral cavity conditions (Bosch et al. 2012). The Floradapt™ Gum Health formula strains KABP™-051, KABP™-052 and KABP-053 have been patented under U.S. patent 2012/022773 A1 for use in oral health.

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