Maximize Your Wellness Potential With Probiotics

Give your body the power to change from within with nature-based health solutions

Get Specific About Your Probiotic Supplements

Our unique blends of strain-specific environmental probiotics not only promote overall wellness, but individually contain varying strains of microbes to support different areas of your body for a happier, healthier you.

Nature-Based & Science-Backed Wellness

Support your body with specially selected clinical strains of the good bacteria it needs

With about 70% of the human body’s immune system found in the digestive tract, the gateway to your body’s overall immune health is located right in the gut. Containing carefully selected and rigorously tested strains of good bacteria, Kaneka’s Floradapt probiotics help nourish and enhance the activity of your gut’s cells to strengthen overall immune function and health.

Floradapt: Innovating the Probiotics Industry

Probiotic Strains From Across The Globe

Over 10 years ago, probiotic researchers observed that certain populations in rural and remote areas of the world had more diverse gut health than those in the modern Western World. To bring these powerful bacteria strains to consumers looking to improve their overall health, Kaneka isolated and purified these microbiomes into Floradapt’s clinical strains.  

The end result? Potent products vetted through science and composed of formulations studied to support a variety of specific health areas. That, plus, they’re shelf-stable with a 24-month guarantee, backed by clinical trials, and designed to contain the exact potency your body needs to feel and function at it’s best.

Probiotic FAQs

What are probiotics?

Probiotics are supplements that can help improve the microbiome of bacteria in your gut, aiding in improved digestion and overall health. Each type of probiotic strain has unique benefits for the body, and it’s important to choose the right strains based on your individual needs.
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How do probiotics work?

Probiotics are good bacteria that can help our bodies stay healthy by improving digestion and boosting our immune system. They are found in some foods and supplements, and can be helpful for people who have certain health problems or want to maintain good overall health.

What are the benefits of taking probiotics?

Probiotics can help our bodies stay healthy by improving gut health and supporting overall wellness. These benefits include reducing inflammation, improving digestion, boosting immunity, reducing stress, and promoting heart health.
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What makes Floradapt Probiotics different? 

Floradapt’s probiotics are unique because they use carefully selected strains of good bacteria that have been scientifically tested to provide real health benefits. Floradapt’s strains are chosen with great care through a strict selection process to make sure they can survive harsh conditions in the body. These special strains are naturally smart and can help with a range of health concerns like digestion, immunity, baby tummy troubles, and heart health.
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