Probiotics for Targeted Health Applications

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Strengthen your immunity and gut health

Unlock your body’s ability to provide Maximum Reinforcement for Immune Health.

About 70% of the human body’s immune system is found in the digestive tract. The gateway to your
body’s immune health is located in these gut (epithelial) cells, and it is a key factor in the activation of
the immune system. Kaneka’s Floradapt probiotics nourishes and enhances the activity of these cells
to maximize reinforcement for immune health. Immune Defense contains clinically tested probiotic
strains, combined with Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, and zinc for a full spectrum approach to boosting
immunity and protection of upper respiratory health.


10 Years in the Making

Over 10 years ago, probiotic researchers observed that certain populations in rural and remote areas of the world had more diverse microbiomes (basically your gut health). Their microbiomes contained potent beneficial bacterial strains, which Kaneka isolated and purified into the Floradapt clinical strains. These specific bacterial strains are superior for different health application, as they offer unique Mechanisms of Action (MoA). MoA is a fancy science terminology which means the biochemical process through which a certain test produces its effect, as seen against a variety of health challenges. Floradapt™ clinical strains are specially selected after a rigorous process of clinical testing, including human studies and confirmation of strain survivability against bile and acids found in the gastrointestinal tract...this separates Floradapt™ from your basic probiotic. Try and feel the Floradapt difference!