Product Description

Happy G.I. Happy Tummy. Floradapt’s Patented Gut Comfort Probiotic has been clinically tested to promote and maintain a healthy gut microbiome leading to the support of gut-related anxiety. The triple strain strength supports GI balance and gut flora which can provide greater overall comfort and improved overall quality of life. Helps to reduce common, everyday anxiety, nervousness, tension, or irritability associated with G.I. tract imbalances and/or discomfort.*

Gut Comfort formulation used in and backed by published clinical studies to improves Gut-Related Anxiety & Discomfort. Unlike any other probiotics for Digestive Health, first probiotic to demonstrate this effect on visceral sensitivity using a specific and validated scale. Focus on correcting the underlying Visceral Hypersensitivity (gut sensitivity). Focus on global QoL (quality of life) improvement because gut-related symptoms are highly bothersome.

Naturally Smart Probiotics™

Over 10 years ago, Kaneka scientists observed that certain populations in rural and remote areas of the world had more diverse microbiomes (basically your gut health). Their microbiomes contained potent beneficial bacterial strains, which Kaneka isolated and purified into the Floradapt™ clinical strains.  These specific bacterial strains are superior for different health application, as they offer unique Mechanisms of Action (MoA). MoA is a fancy science terminology which means the biochemical process through which a certain test produces its effect, as seen against a variety of health challenges. What sets Floradapt™ apart is that each product has been tested by double-blind randomized controlled studies, and are the same exact formulations, same strains, same potency that was used in the published study…this separates Floradapt™ from your basic probiotic. Try and feel the Floradapt™ difference!

Additional Information

Free from artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners, and artificial colors.

Box Dimensions: 3.21875″ x 1.875″ x 5.125″, Box Weight: 2.5 ounces