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Science-Based Probiotic Strains, Cultivated From Nature

Floradapt™ clinical strains are specially selected after a rigorous process of clinical testing. Try and feel the Floradapt difference!

Clinically Tested

Floradapt® stands alone because of our unique process of developing clinically tested probiotic formulations.

Floradapt” contains clinical strains for a targeted health benefit, and our products offers diverse solutions for immunity, gut, cardio and colic health.

Our published, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trials form the basis of these formulations. What this means is our finished products are designed to contain the exact potency utilized in the clinical trials.

Kaneka Nutrients

“…Kaneka is a leading provider in the global healthcare market. We manufacture formulations based on a commitment to safety, efficacy, and quality.”

A Product of Kaneka

Kaneka has been at the forefront of developing novel probiotic solutions for a variety of health applications.

Built on a foundation of science, Kaneka has strived to perfect innovative health solutions for the constantly challenging environment in the healthcare field for over 70 years. Floradapt is our hallmark effort in applying our technical expertise in the field of fermentation and probiotics. We invite you to experience the benefits of Kaneka® Floradapt™ for your family.