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Strains With a Rich History

Probiotic researchers frequently see compromised gut health in western societies, where the diversity of the gut microbiota is reduced due to exposure to antibiotics and modern lifestyle, and today’s stress filled environment.

Probiotics are naturally found in some foods and they can also be found in supplements like Floradapt®. They can impact a diverse range of functions inside the body, however not all strains have the ability to achieve powerful benefits. Floradapt® strains are rigorously selected, screened, and tested. 10 years ago, probiotic researchers observed that certain populations in rural and remote areas of the world had more diverse microbiomes (basically your gut health). Their microbiomes contained potent beneficial bacterial strains, which Kaneka isolated and purified into the Floradapt clinical strains. These specific bacterial strains are superior for different health application, as they offer unique Mechanisms of Action (MoA). MoA is a fancy science terminology which means the biochemical process through which a certain test produces its effect, as seen against a variety of health challenges.

Targeted Strains for Your Specific Needs

Floradapt strains are specially selected after a rigorously screening and testing process to ensure the strains have activity against harsh acids and bile. These naturally smart strains offer superior efficacy for a variety of health applications including gut, digestion, immunity, infant colic, and cardiovascular health.

Watch to Learn if Your Probiotic is the Right One for You

Floradapt Probiotics capsule

Less is More

When it comes to probiotics, taking only what you need will give you the best results. That is why we developed highly targeted products for specific health benefits.

  • Clinical strains
  • Each strain vetted through science
  • Product formulation have been studied for specific health action target
  • Each product backed by randomized, double-blind study
  • Shelf-stable 24-month guarantee through shelf life
  • Potency, strain, modality used in the study

Microscope image of specimen on Floradapt website

Clinically Tested

Floradapt® stands alone because of our unique process of developing clinically tested probiotic formulations.

Floradapt” contains clinical strains for a targeted health benefit, and our products offers diverse solutions for immunity, gut, cardio and colic health.

Our published, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trials form the basis of these formulations. What this means is our finished products are designed to contain the exact potency utilized in the clinical trials.

The history of Floradapt's Probiotic strains

“…Kaneka is a leading provider in the global healthcare market. We manufacture formulations based on a commitment to safety, efficacy, and quality.”

A Product of Kaneka

Kaneka has been at the forefront of developing novel probiotic solutions for a variety of health applications.

Built on a foundation of science, Kaneka has strived to perfect innovative health solutions for the constantly challenging environment in the healthcare field for over 70 years. Floradapt is our hallmark effort in applying our technical expertise in the field of fermentation and probiotics. We invite you to experience the benefits of Kaneka® Floradapt™ for your family.