What are Probiotics?

Probiotics are strains of good bacteria that help you maintain a healthy digestive system.

Probiotics are naturally found in some foods, but they can also be found in supplements like Floradapt™. They can impact a diverse range of functions inside the body, if they are the right strains. Not all strains have the ability to achieve powerful benefits, but Floradapt™ strains are rigorously selected, screened, and tested.

Why should I take probiotics?

Good health emanates from the gut. The gut is the largest organ of our body, and home to over 100 trillion gut bacteria – but not all of them are beneficial. The entire community of these bacteria is also known as the Gut Microbiome. Taking the right probiotics can positively change the balance of good versus bad bacteria, and thus your Gut Microbiome. The Gut Microbiome plays a powerful role in human health, impacting diverse body functions including digestive health, immunity, and cardiovascular health.

How are targeted probiotics beneficial?

Immune Defense

Immune Defense contains clinically tested probiotic strains combined with Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, and zinc for a full spectrum approach to boosting immunity and protection of upper respiratory health. Immune Defense provides maximum reinforcement for immune health.*

Gut Comfort

The multi-strain Gut Comfort formulation has been clinically tested to promote and maintain a healthy gut microbiome, which leads to an improvement of gut-related anxiety and discomfort. Gut Comfort is specially formulated to promote gut flora balance and helping those with G.I. issues.*


A patented multi-strain, cardiobiotic formulation with clinically tested strains to maintain healthy triglyceride and cholesterol levels already in the normal range. Floradapt™ Cardio probiotic also helps maintain cardiovascular function and circulation through multiple unique mechanisms of action.*

Baby Colic

One of the leading infant colic formulas in the world, Baby Colic has been clinically tested to reduce the duration of crying episodes and crying time. The convenient liquid probiotic drops support a calm gut and healthy microflora for babies. Can be utilized in breast milk or infant formula.*